Bar Call Haaretz Home Delivery LTD

Bar Call Haaretz Home Delivery is a company owned by Haaretz Group and Bar Group. As an integral part of the leading groups in the field of distribution and communications, we are committed to meeting high standards, punctuality and excellence in service.


We see our delivery company as a business partner and understand that our couriers serve as the face of your business to customers. Our couriers are equipped with the professional tools needed to provide an excellent service experience with the end customer so that you can focus on growing and developing your business.


Bar Call Haaretz offers our customers a wide range of services for delivering shipments to private customers nationwide:

  • Next Day Delivery
  • Same Day Delivery: Delivering coordinated shipments in three hour windows
  • Delivery Shipment with money charging (cash / check).
  • Types of deliveries: Pick Up, Drop Off, or Pick Up + Drop Off.
  • Distribution to stores and storage units
  • Storage, inventory management and shipping packaging


An industry leader in the field of complex distributions, we provide distribution services to the leading companies in Israel.


The service center is one of our main communication channels with our customers. Our service representatives are highly experienced, highly professional and highly service oriented.

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